• Written by Sheryl McFarlane
  • Illustrations by Christine Wei
  • ISBN: 9781771646956
  • HC $22.95


Published by Greystone, 2023.

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“Children everywhere will identify with the different experiences that rain (or no rain) brings….A joyful and nuanced take on a popular subject.” Kirkus


Welcome Rain!

Excerpt from Welcome Rain!

Welcome, Rain!

I like your fresh happy smell,

and the robins and chickadees

gobbling tasty earthworm treats

like you too.

About Welcome Rain!

We all love rain—until we are ready for some sun! Welcome Rain! explores the many feelings, from joyful to discouraged, when it comes to wet weather, and allows young readers to explore their own emotions too. When a young child steps outside, she has a heartfelt conversation with Rain, thanking it for helping the strawberries to grow, longing for it to leave because the creeks and lakes are full, and missing the rain when it’s gone.  Sheryl McFarlane’s poetic, playful text encourages empathy and connection with the natural world and explorations of emotions. And Christine Wei’s bright art shows how rain can make the world colourful and brilliant. Time to puddle-jump outside! 

Author’s Inspiration

From the author…

I grew up in Arizona. It hardly ever rained there! But, when it did, all the kids in the neighbourhood would run out to play in the rain. When my children were little, they liked splashing in puddles just as much as I had. But it’s colder here so, they had boots and raincoats and umbrellas!  Now that I’m a grandma, I take my grandchildren out to play in the rain. Splashing in puddles is the best!

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