• Written by Sheryl McFarlane
  • Illustrations by Leslie Redhead
  • ISBN:978-1459813458
  • hc $13.96 CDN / US 


“Lovely, atmospheric watercolor illustrations show the girl and her grandmother spending idyllic weeks together exploring the beach…The story unfolds with a calm, peaceful tone…An informative and entertaining tale of an intriguing location and a warm family relationship.” Kirkus Reviews 2018-07-11

“A good addition to a public or primary school library collection for a quiet read-aloud as an introduction to summer. It is a fine depiction of coastal life, but it also evokes warm feelings of family.” CM Magazine 2018-10-05

“A gentle and delightful way to introduce young readers to life on an interior coastal island and also explore an indigenous way of life in the Salish Sea. Highly recommended for public, personal and school libraries.” Resource Links 2018-10-24


Island in the Salish Sea

About Island in the Salish Sea

This gorgeously illustrated picture book is a celebration of summer vacation and West Coast island life. Every day is different on Gran’s island in the Salish Sea as granddaughter climbs big-leaf maples, eats blackberries, explores tide pools and sandstone caves and examines ancient middens and petroglyphs. She and Gran watch harbor seals sunning themselves and Gran’s neighbor carving an eagle out of a piece of cedar while drinking fresh nettle tea. And on her way home, our young narrator sees a pod of orcas, breaching, tail lobbing and spy-hopping as she says goodbye to the island for another summer. 

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Published by Orca Book Publishers, 2018 

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