• Written by Sheryl McFarlane
  • Illustrations by Ron Lightburn
  • ISBN: 1-55143-016-9
  • hc $14.95 CDN


“There’s a depth of feeling, an appreciation for wild creatures that brings tears at the end. Realism, attention to detail, sympathetic characters created with few words, and long, graceful phrasing contribute to an exceptional story. Highly recommended.”
— Canadian Book Review Annual


Eagle Dreams

 Excerpt from Eagle Dreams

Robin sits at his bedroom window when the summer sun has given way to twilight stars. He sees the giant fir atop the hill where bald eagles often perch. He watches for their silhouettes against the sky when he should be asleep.

And in his dreams Robin flies with them above his father’s fields of golden corn and hay and over cool green forests to the shoreline with its misty fogs that taste of salt and fish and seaweed.

Author’s Inspiration

From the author…

Bald eagles have been important symbols of strength & freedom for both ancient and modern peoples. They were also the inspiration for my story Eagle Dreams. Robin, a farm boy, helps nurture a bald eagle back to health after it injures a wing. Robin’s father is skeptical but is won over when he and Robin share the moment when the eagle is set free to fly above their fields to its mate. Robin’s sadness is tempered by being able to imagine the freedom of flight he has given back to the eagle. I hope that we will always have bald eagles to inspire our stories and our dreams.

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Published by Philomel Books: New York, 1995 and Orca Books: Victoria, 1994.

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